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BRZ Food Spice Kit

BRZ Food Spice Kit

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Amp up the flavour at your next outdoor barbecue when you get to grilling with the four delicious tastes in this BRZ Food spice kit. BRZ specializes in combining the taste of Latin American cuisine with Australian favourites for a line of spices that's both pleasantly familiar and intriguingly challenging. This four-piece set collects BRZ's full selection so you can experiment to find the perfect seasoning for your favourite meals.


Featuring onion, garlic, rock salt, and a bit of secret BRZ magic, Rock 'n' Roast sports a bold Brazilian-inspired flavour profile that tastes great on both meat and fish. The rock salt makes this blend particularly effective at sealing in your steak's moisture to ensure a deliciously soft center. 

Xtra Mojo

With a base of classic salt, pepper, and garlic mixed with an invigorating blend of South American-style spices, Big MooSteak provides big taste without overpowering the natural flavour of your meal. Despite the name, this one isn't just for steak. Big MooSteak pairs well with all kinds of meats, including pork, chicken, beef, and turkey, for a versatile seasoning that pleases all your guests. You can even appeal to the herbivores in your crew, as Big MooSteak adds a delicious zip to vegetable dishes such as grilled tomatoes and ratatouille.


As the name suggests, this spice focuses on Mexican-inspired flavour, drawing its taste profile from mole poblano. Featuring a blend of cayenne pepper and chilies, this one is perfect for guests who want a bit of fire in their meals. 


BRZ's most popular mix of spices evokes the taste of South American chimichurri via its blend of chilies, herbs, garlic, and onion. This flexible flavour is the cornerstone of the BRZ Food spice kit and works surprisingly well as a way to liven up potato salad or pasta, as part of a marinade, or as a part of a chimichurri-style dip for steak strips or tater tots.

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